MOT Testing Blue MOT service sign on british road on cloudy rainy day. The Department for Infrastructure (DfI) has published the Driver, Vehicle, Operator, and Enforcement Statistics 2022/23 Quarter Four’ report, detailing statistics for January to March 2023. The report is produced and published by NISRA Statisticians working within the Driver and Vehicle Agency (DVA). It contains summary statistical, performance, and trend information relating to the main business functions of the DVA, and other licensing activity.

In 2022/23 DVA delivered over 1.155 million vehicle tests, the highest in our series back to 2008/09. Full vehicle tests conducted this year at over 992,400 is the highest recorded for a single year back to 2008/09. Private cars accounted for 82.6% (819,523) of all full vehicle tests delivered in 2022/23, which again is a single year record from when this series started in 2008/09. Over 50,770 vehicles failed to attend a booked vehicle test in 2022/23, the highest on record for a single year. Just over 93% of all vehicle tests applications in 2022/23 were made using the DVA internet booking system, compared with 56% in 2015/16. The remaining 7% of vehicle test applications this year were made via the DVA call centre.

DVA delivered 68,540 driving tests in 2022/23, the highest on record in thirteen years. Almost 82% (56,132) of all driving tests in 2022/23 were private cars, the highest for a single year in twelve years. Theory tests conducted at just over 87,230 is the second highest on record for this series back to 2009/10. Online driver licensing application performance at 98.6% was above the 95% target level for the year. Performance was over 98% for every quarter in 2022/23 and stood at 98.3% for the last quarter of this financial year.